Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate Easter Egg Mini Cakes


Growing up, my favorite Easter candy was the chocolate eggs.
I mean really, we are talking about CHOCOLATE here.
And the egg shapes made it extra cute and fun. :)

Today I am sharing Chocolate Easter Egg Mini Cakes.
Individual egg shaped chocolate cakes, covered with chocolate ganache.
You can decorate them any way you like, there are so many possibilities!
You could even let your kids decorate their own with candy & sprinkles.

You Will Need:
Chocolate Cake
Egg shaped cookie cutter
Chocolate buttercream frosting
Chocolate Ganache (you want it to be runny)
Frosting or candy for decorating

You can find my favorite chocolate cake, buttercream & ganache recipes here.

Using the cookie cutter, cut your cake into an even number of egg mini cakes.
(Save the scraps for making trifle! Or eat them now...your call.)

Transfer the egg cakes to a wire rack, with wax paper underneath.
Don't forget the wax paper or you will have a mess!

Spread chocolate buttercream on the top of each egg cake.

Top each one with another layer of cake.
Pour the ganache on top of the cakes, letting it run down and cover the sides.

Let the ganache set up.
If you are in a hurry, you can put the cakes in the freezer.
(Note: The ganache will not completely harden.)

Time to decorate!
This could be a fun activity for the kids on Easter Sunday.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Cake with White Chocolate Peeps

These cute little bunnies look just like PEEPS, but they have a secret...
They are made out of white chocolate!

I love their bright colors - just perfect for an Easter cake.

And not only are they adorable, but delicious too!
The smooth chocolate combined with the sugar crunch is fantastic.

What You Need:
White chocolate, almond bark or white candy melts
Decorating bags or ziplocs
Pastel sanding sugar
Chocolate chips

First, click on the template below to open it.
Right click and select "Save Image As", then print it out.
Tape your template to a cookie sheet or piece of cardboard.
Tape wax paper over the template.

 Melt your white chocolate and fill your decorating bag; snip off the tip.
Fill in the outline of one PEEPS bunny with the chocolate.
Immediately cover the bunny with a generous amount of sugar.
Gently pat the sugar down with the flat side of a butter knife.
Repeat, then remove the excess sugar before starting another color.

See how my pink bunnies are different colors?
I tried using pink candy melts,
but decided I prefer the lighter color when using white chocolate.

After the bunnies have hardened, carefully peel them off the wax paper.
Melt a small amount of chocolate chips; put in a decorating bag.
Pipe eyes and noses on your bunnies.
Spread a thin layer of frosting on the back of each PEEPS bunny,
and arrange them around a frosted cake.

Ooh, I just love these little guys!


Ready for more fabulous PEEPS recipes and ideas???  Visit the following websites, each is sharing an amazing PEEPS post for you today, so hop on over and check them all out!
Don't forget to enter to win the fabulous PEEPS Prize Pack as well! Happy Spring!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chick Cupcakes for an Easter Extravaganza!

Today I am joining up with a group of fabulous food bloggers
to bring you some creative Easter ideas.
Big thanks go to Hani at Haniela's for organizing this Easter Extravaganza!
(She makes the most amazing cookies EVER! Seriously.)

You should really check out all the awesomeness at the end of this post
...I am just so impressed!
I'm bringing these Chick Cupcakes to the party.
I've decided they are my absolute favorite cupcakes of all time,
because they are just SO stinkin' cute!!   

Want to make some super adorable chick cupcakes?

What You Need:
A batch of cupcakes
Frosting: yellow, orange and white
Yellow sanding sugar
Decorating bags
Decorating tips: Wilton #102 (petal) and #2 (small round)
Mini chocolate chips

Put some sanding sugar in a small bowl or plate.
Spread a layer of thick frosting on your cupcake and smooth the top.
Turn the cupcake upside down and press into the sugar until it is completely covered.

Press two chocolate chips into the cupcake for eyes.

Using tip #102, pipe some ruffly wings on each side.

Spoon some sugar over the wings, then shake off the excess.
Using orange frosting and tip #2, pipe a triangle beak and little feet at the bottom.

Using white frosting, pipe a tiny dot on each eye.

He's almost too cute to eat! :0)

Happy Easter!

Check out all these amazing Easter creations...
beautiful, yummy and fun too!
You can click on a photo, or on the links below. 

I, Robot Egg Cookie by Hani - Haniela's

I link up at these fun link parties. 
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