Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jack-O-Lantern Cupcake Toppers with Template

Need a fun and tasty Halloween treat for your little goblins?
These cute Jack-O-Lantern Cupcake Toppers are sure to be a hit!
They are made with candy melts (white chocolate), so they taste great too!

 What You Will Need:
Frosted cupcakes
Orange candy melts
Green candy melts
Black or brown candy melts
Piping bags fitted with small round tip (Wilton #2)

Right click on the template below, select "Save Image As", then print it.
Tape your template to a piece of cardboard or a cookie sheet.

Tape a piece of wax paper on top of it.

Fill a piping bag with black candy melts.
Pipe the eyes, nose and mouth of each Jack-O-Lantern on the wax paper.

Helpful Hint: Use a toothpick to push the candy melts into the corners
and clean up the edges.

Next, use orange candy melts to fill in the pumpkin outline.
Pipe a stem on top with green candy melts.
Don't worry if it looks messy, this is the back side!

When the toppers have hardened, carefully peel them off the wax paper and turn them over.
 Place each Jack-O-Lantern topper on the top of a frosted cupcake and enjoy! 

Happy Halloween!

 I share my recipes and tutorials at these fun link parties.

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  1. Super cute! Of course I love everything you do! (pinning!)

  2. What a great idea to use candy melts, piped! Fab and easy for someone like me. Ambition, but no skillz.

  3. These look amazing. Well done. You might like our pumpkin pinata party cake;

  4. Love your pumpkins! Such perfect and easy to do cupcake toppers!! :)

  5. These look great! and I love the fact you don't have to be very tidy as you flip them! win win!!

    stopping by from two cup Tuesday :)

  6. really you have good site and provide unique article, we wish more, thanks, i hope you see my blog at International Decor

  7. Hello. While I understand that you have given us the template for the toppers, there is a woman/page on Facebook called Trishas Sweets that is using the EXACT image you have provided here.


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