Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tangled Family Halloween Costumes

No cake today, my friends...
I'm sharing our Tangled Family Halloween Costumes!

This is the seventh Halloween that my family has done themed costumes together.
It's a tradition and we have a lot of fun with them!
Our costumes are mostly homemade, with a few purchased props.

We chose the movie "Tangled" as our theme this year,
 mainly because our younger daughter LOVES Rapunzel.
(Did you see the Rapunzel Tower Cupcakes I made for her?)

She looks sweet, but watch out for that frying pan!

Our son was the dashing Flynn Rider.

Our older daughter was Ulf, the thug who likes to dress up as a mime.

I got to be the villian...Mother Gothel!
I did not enjoy the wig, but I love the dress!

My hubby was the hook-hand thug, who dreams of being a concert pianist.

You can see all of our characters in this video of the song "I Have A Dream".
It's SO prepared to laugh!

 Want to take a peek at our costumes from previous years?

My parents even joined in on the fun!

The Incredibles

Happy Halloween!


  1. Wow, AMAZING costumes! Y'all look awesome. Happy Halloween!

  2. You guys look amazing, those are some awesome costumes!

  3. Those are so amazing and so fun!!!

  4. Beautiful family. Kisses from Spain.

  5. I love all your family costumes! You are so creative and have a beautiful family!!

  6. Robin! This is amazing! I'm doing an online roundup of family Halloween costumes for Today's Parent magazine (, we're Canada's number one parenting brand and yep, we work pretty far ahead). I'd love to include your Tangled idea. May I use your photo, with proper credits, of course, and link to your site for instructions? Please let me know: Cheers!


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